Beauty School

Recommended for such people

  • In a short period of timeI want to get qualified.direction

  • SkillsThose who want to

  • Independent openingand then want to have their own salon

Curriculum Introduction

■Body Care Course
It is a course to acquire the technology of full-fledged lymphatic massage and apply it to practice immediately. This course is recommended for those who are already working now or who want to acquire skills from now on.
■Facial Care Course
This course will take you to basic knowledge and skills in facial care.
[Bodey Steps]
Cleansing → face wash → → massage → pack → scriver) Point cleansing



■ Beauty salon opening course
It is a recommended course for those who want to know the knowledge and procedures necessary for opening a salon.

Issuance of certificates



*For the awardees of the end certificate,「一般社団法人健康促進・未病改善医学会」健康美容部会certificates will be awarded.

frequently asked questions

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