Men's Hair Loss

Do you have any worries like this?

  • For shaving your beard every morningTakes time

  • If the skin is weak and the beard is shaved Rough skinwill

  • The shin hair is dark I can't wear shorts

  • Chest or belly hairI'm worried about

Prices & Courses
※All prices include tax.
■ Trial hair removal course

■Beard hair removal basics
Each part: under the nose, both cheeks, both cheeks, raised sides, chin, face line and neck can be selected.
■ Beard hair removal all face
■V.I.O Hair Removal
■Facial hair removal
■Side hair removal
■Leg hair loss(Under the knee)
■Leg hair loss(On the lap)

Beard hair removal

I was suffering from a dark beard. Every time I came, I could feel that it was getting thinner and easier to shave in the morning.

Since I lost my beard hair, I no longer have rough skin and tingling due to the razor loss, and I have one less discomfort in my life.

It became so smooth that I threw away the electric shaver.

There is no longer a waste of 10 minutes every morning (= 1 hour and 10 minutes if it is a week's worth of time).
Time is money.

Men in sales positions also think that cleanliness is important, and when they lose their hair, it is well received by the women around them that they have become refreshed.

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